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A new year always brings hope for fresh starts, new experiences and wishes for a year filled with health, prosperity and happiness.  On behalf of the Rustic Woods Homeowners Association Board, we wish you all that and everything wonderful this year will bring.

We ended the year with a bang by holding our annual Kids Holiday Party.  This year’s party was a pajama party that included a visit from Santa, and we watched “The Polar Express”.   The clubhouse was decorated for the holidays and the children had a wonderful time.   Pizza was served before Santa arrived with presents for our Rustic Woods children. During the movie, hot chocolate and cookies (Santa’s favorite) were served for all to enjoy.

As has occurred every winter prior in our community, we are fully prepared for winter weather, including snow, should it rear Its ugly head.  We will continue to provide the same snow cleanup as has been done in the past, as quickly and as safely as possible.   We would like to remind all residents that cars should not be in the snow removal designated areas in the community. Those areas are set aside for our snow team to take the excess snow and move it out of our way so we can move our vehicles and walk safely throughout the community.  Lastly, please do not park in front of your driveway so that our snow team may remove the snow from the streets. Thank you!

In the coming weeks, a flyer will go out asking homeowners if they would be interested in attending or running community events in the Rustic Woods clubhouse. Since our fantastic renovations, our clubhouse is in demand more than ever before.  I wanted to give our community members the chance to teach a class or talk about something that might be interesting to them.  Is there an artist that you love and would like to share with your neighbors?  Is there a film you’d like to show and discuss with members of our community?  Do you want to teach us how to maintain our homes, to cook, or to knit?  These are some ideas of what we’d like to see make our community even brighter.  If you are interested, follow the directions on the flyer that will be distributed in the coming weeks.  Our board cannot wait to see what great talents and expertise our community members would like to share.  

In the coming months, you will receive notification about elections for the HOA and for your condo boards as well.  Please follow the instructions and read the documents received carefully.  I hope that you will all participate in our elections because if more get involved, our community will become that much better. 

I cannot stress enough that the HOA board is here to serve you and, as president, it is always a pleasure and an honor to make sure this community is in the best shape it has ever been, both aesthetically and financially.  We have more money in our reserves than we have ever had and that is with the recent repairs and refurbishment to the clubhouse.  We have been able to tackle the many issues in our community and keep our common charges down in the process.  We know there is always more work to be done and our board is ready to tackle any obstacles that come our way.  Thank you all for reading and please do not hesitate to contact management for any issues you may have.

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